About us

Accord is a dynamic, innovative and ambitious housing, health and social care organisation providing services across the Midlands to over 80,000 people employing over 5,000 colleagues.

About us
Accord is one of the largest housing and social care organisations in the Midlands, providing 13,000 affordable homes and health and social care to 80,000 people and employing nearly 4,000.

Accord is an investment partner with the Homes and Communities Agency, developing new homes across the region with a number of key partners. Our regulatory judgements on governance and viability have been consistently top-level (G1 and V1) with the most recent Regulatory Judgement of G1/V1 published November 2016 following an In Depth Assessment further confirming our robust business and financial base.

Accord recently undertook a structure change which saw each of the subsidiaries transfer into Accord to create a single organisation. Those subsidiaries were:

  • Ashram (known as Ashrammoseley)
  • bchs
  • Caldmore Area (known as Caldmoreaccord)
  • Heantun Housing Association
  • Fry Housing Trust
  • Redditch Co-operative Homes
  • Direct Health Group

Each of these organisations has a fantastic track record of delivering key services to customers and we will ensure their legacies live on as we further develop our locality offer.

We are a values-led social business motivated by adding social and economic value to the communities where we work. We specialise in involving customers and communities in shaping the homes and services that we provide, including nationally prominent examples of tenant leadership and control. Our colleagues are award-winning, highly professional and strive to deliver excellence on the front-line and through the corporate support teams.