Domestic violence services

Accord provides a range of services for women and children escaping domestic abuse.

Domestic violence services
We empower all women to reassert their identity, self-confidence, self-esteem, motivation, and pride.

Services range from secure, comfortable refuges (including one of the largest in the country), to short-term floating support for women who have settled into new tenancies in Birmingham and Walsall. Comprehensive, individual support is provided to ensure every woman is aware of the options available to her in order to make informed choices and decisions to enhance her future safety, welfare, stability and that of her children. Our refuges and floating support services both offer extensive assistance to rebuild people’s lives through methods such as:

  • Interpretation and translation
  • Welfare benefits
  • Parenting skills
  • Finance
  • Legal matters
  • Immigration
  • Education and employment
  • Health
  • Social inclusion
  • Emotional support
  • Housing and tenancy rights
  • Protection from risk
  • Children’s activities

Please call 0121 358 9052 for more details. The police and social services can also put you in touch with us.

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