Probert Court

Probert Court

Probert Court is a Discharge to Assess (D2A) nursing home, comprising 23 beds; made up of 21 step-down and two step-up placements.
Accessing the service

The service is accessed via a trusted assessor model. The CCG will make referrals into the service based upon a multi disciplinary assessment having been undertaken regarding the individual. To be eligible for the service, people need to meet the following criteria:

  • Aged 55 and over (however, in exceptional circumstances on a case by case basis, individuals below aged 55 may be accepted)
  • Medically safe to transfer yet are in a recovery / recuperation phase following an acute admission or a deterioration in health
  • Require input from qualified nurses
  • Expected to recuperate within the target length of stay
  • Undergoing a period of assessment prior to the completion of an assessment for NHS Continuing Healthcare and decision as to their long term on-going care needs
  • Require a period of recuperation to meet complex planning needs to deliver a rehabilitation goal enabling the person to return to the community
  • Discharged with the aim of supported living in the community. If during the course of recuperation it is clear that the person will not be suitable for discharge home or for rehabilitation, then assessment for 24 hour care should be carried out promptly to support timely customer pathways.
  • People with post-acute confusion as long as they are suitable for management within this environment.


Step-up placements

Intermediate care is used to describe a range of services that can be used to step up patients in a time of need and step down patients from hospital. Intermediate care can provide support to assist someone to avoid them going into hospital (step up), to assist someone to avoid them having to enter permanent care (step up) or to enhance someone to regain their independence following a deterioration in health (step up).

Aims and objectives of service

The overall aim of the service is to provide a bed based service to support those who, following an intervention from Community Rapid Response services, require a monitored/supervised period of care. The specific aim of the Step Up service is to deliver time limited support services to people to avoid a hospital admission thereby maximising recovery and independence following a period of ill health.


  We work to ensure that:

  • People can be admitted 7 days a week
  • Appointments for peoples’ support services are made by us
  • Peoples’ appointments for support services are kept


Days/hours of operation

Nursing care and support is provided 365 days a year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.


Manager (Interim): Louise Hicks
Telephone: 01902 782436